Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bridgeport Art Walk This Weekend

It's the Bridgeport Art Walk weekend! Download a map here..

Three openings on Friday October 21, 2011 related to the Lumpens:

- Thad Kellstadt @ Eastern Expansion 244 W 31st St • 6-9pm
- Judy Natal @ Co-Prosperity Sphere 3219 S Morgan St • 6-9pm
- MDW Fair Vernissage @ Geolfots 3636 S Iron St • 8-11pm

Thad Kellstadt: This House Ain’t a Home
Opening October 21, 6-9pm
Eastern Expansion • 244 W 31st Street
through December 1, 2011


Future Perfect
Photographs, Video, sound, sculpture by Judy Natal.
Opening October 21, 2011
Reception 6-9 pm
Performances by Mind Over Mirrors and Hunter Hussar


MDW Fall Showcase October 21st- 23rd, 2011
at The Geolofts 3636 S Iron St.
Vernissage: Friday October 21, 8-11pm
Admission $5 – complementary beers.

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Matthew James said...

Trish Martin's The Clouds We Breathe is a collaborative installation stemming from a larger project with the youth of Chicago’s Bridgeport community. Using hand papermaking as a starting point for discussion about the environment, the children learn about the effects of the coal-fired power plants in their neighborhood.

i found this and thought that youd be interested, thanks, and share!