Monday, February 16, 2009

'viva la RESIDENCE'

February 20, 2009

Benton House
3052 S Gratten
Chicago 773.927.6420

'viva la RESIDENCE'
For the first time in 30+ years, the Benton House is being occupied by live-in staff who collaborate to direct the programming at this historic community center in Bridgeport. Artists-in-residence Angela Rojas, Ben Noetzel, Manuel Saucedo, Simeon Nikolov and Olivia May will display their wares and information about our new arts-based after school program. We are revamping our space and our commitment to the community; come see why things are getting better all the time.

Live music: The Additivies
complimentary drinks

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FEB 20th! @ S.B.

a project by Rapheal Barontini
February 20th-March 13th
Opening Reception
February 20th, 7-11pm
3216 s. Morgan St. Apt 4r

Rapheal Barontin explores the complexity of simple pleasures.  Late night milk and cookies, temporary allainces as a product of inebreation, juice boxes perhaps, as well as other reworked signifiers of our fleeting pleasures. 

Monday, February 2, 2009

Bridgeport to be site of Version>09

An art parade, temporary housing structures, one day only exhibition formats, video sweat lodges, an artist run art fair, a reincarnation of the depression era Public Works of Art Project, a social networked free public school, impressive musical performances, boring theoretical nonsense, the revamping of a local community center, mapping projects, a design agency for social movements, and korean polish bar-b-qing are just a few of the projects and phenomena we will present during Version>09 : Immodest Proposals April 23 to May 2, 2009.
Check out the Version blog to see how you can be involved with a number of new projects and initiatives we want you to direct and take part in.