Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Animation Festival 2008 at Co-Prosperity Sphere

The Animation Festival 2008 at Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219-21 South Morgan Street, Chicago, IL. 60608

December 19, 2008
Opens: 7:00pm
Screening begins: 8:00pm

The Animation Festival 2008 presents an eclectic compilation of
visually stunning animated shorts. The screening will consist of a
cross-section of experimental work being made by some of the most
talented contemporary animators of today. They range from Chicago
Underground Film Festival winner Martha Colburn's violent and chaotic
take on American culture, to celebrated Chicago filmmaker Jim
Trainor's darkly subversive visions, and the Canada-based Barry
Doupe's ritualized and dream-like world constructed in 3D landscapes.

A full list of participating artists include:

Lisa Barcy
Inga Birgisdottir
Sean Buckelew
Jude Chaplin
Martha Colburn
Shelley Dodson
Ryan Doherty
Barry Doupe
Erin Dunn
Lauren Gregory
Amy Lockhart
Matt Marsden
Steve Memmons
Seth Scriver
Thomas Suzimoto
Jim Trainor

The show begins at 7:00 PM with a gallery showcase of selections of original artwork from some of the animators, as well as music, popcorn and other concessions. The lights dim at 8:00 as the presentation of the animated shorts begins. The show continues after the screening with more music and drinks.

For more information please contact:
Casey Ellison
213 422-1448

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Upcoming Event

December 19th, 7-11pm
3216 S. Morgan Street Apt. 4R
Chicago, IL
Come experience the leisure of Gods!!! With minimal effort YOU can bat terrestrial objects (planets, asteroids, comets, meteors) through the vacant recesses of space! Parallel to the processes of the universe, like a supernova explosion that plants the material for the foundation of new life, the refuse from deceased installations at the Second Bedroom Project Space will become BORN AGAIN!!! The refuse handling specialists at the Sodomize Brutality Performance Squad will transform our excess of material into a cosmic ping pong experience! Hope you can participate!