Monday, October 18, 2010

The Level Eater, A Dungeons & Dragons Gaming Retreat This Weekend

Pentagon Gallery and Co-Prosperity-Sphere are hosting an all weekend fantasy game jam. If you are an artist, gamer or just some regular “dude” who happens to have a bag of dice then get your ass down to C-PS. There will be an opening ceremony on Friday October 22, 2010 at 8pm with music, beer, snacks, art and candles.  The event will start at the strike of midnight and continues all weekend long. There will be tables of card games, Dungeon & Dragon playing pods, and epic Warhammer 40k tables with painted landscapes and miniatures. If you want to play or interested in still submitting an adventure please contact Pentagon Gallery via email at If you just want to check out this epic event please feel free to stop by any of the three days.

You have been summoned.

Level Eater October 22-24, 2010

Co-Prosperity Sphere
3219 S Morgan Street
Chicago Il 60608

Opening Ceremony Friday Oct 22, 2010 8pm.

With live performance by Sunsplitter

free until 9pm! $5 after 9pm..

Saturday Noon – 2am
Sunday Noon – midnight

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