Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 20th Edra Soto at Second Bedroom!

by Edra Soto with special guests Dawn and Carl!
@ Second Bedroom Project Space
Opening: March 20th, 7-11pm
3216 s. Morgan St. Apt 4R
Chicago, IL, 60608
For the next installation at the SBPS, Edra Soto; a high school art teacher, had her students develop cardboard skyscrapers that reference the forms from notable architectural works across the world while considering the personas of the studied architects. Soto will then use the SBPS as a site to connect her student's work with her own. If that does not sound radical enough for you, Carl Warnick and Dawn Reed will "mix and mash" the students top 5 songs with some favorites of Edra's to create an audial parallel to the sculptural installation. Boing!
The aforementioned artists have all exhibited at institutions and spaces much cooler than this one and have ample street cred!

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